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Headquartered at Hanken Business Lab,

Arkadiankatu 22, 00100 Helsinki


Our 3-step process to accelerate our members


We educate.

As START Members we aim to become the global entrepreneurs of tomorrow. One of our main focuses within START Helsinki is to provide our members with the most comprehensive and advanced learning programs for students. 


START Standout is a workshop concept, that utilizes the know-how of students to solve challenges startups are facing. The program is designed to exercise critical thinking and complex problem solving. 

-Two workshops per semester

-High profiles from innovative startups 


We connect.

Our extensive local and international programs are our most prestigious offering to our members. Since START Helsinki is well positioned among the top organizations in the global entrepreneurship landscape, we provide the best opportunities for our members to meet the right people and actors to get the most exclusive internships at high impact companies or access to the key players in the global ecosystem to boost their startups. 


START Helsinki hosted all START chapters for a week during Slush as well as BASES representatives. 

Slush Week Program 2018 consisted of:

- Social networking events

- Internal START Workshop hosted by START Global

- Keynote speeches

- Workshops with Hanken Business Lab

- Attending the Slush conference

- Showed our guests the true life of a Fin

Participants: Entrepreneurial talent from all over the world


For the second year in a row START Helsinki team members went to START Global's main event: START Summit. Where all the START chapters met up from all parts of Europe. One of START Helsinki's member attended START Global's exclusive program, called the Game changer program

This week consisted of:

- Session with St. Gallen professors

- Internal and external START workshops

- Social networking events

- Attending START Summit conference

Participants: START Helsinki team members.


Together with BASES, Stanford University's Entrepreneurial Society, we organized a week long program in California.

During this week the START Helsinki board traveled to Stanford University. The goal was to build bridges between US and European students.

This week consisted of:

- Attending 4 different classes

- Workshop at STVP (Stanford Technology Ventures Program)

- Social networking events

Participants: START Helsinki Board

After a journey as a START Member we provide life-long added value by our infrastructure of being a START Alumni.