Our 3-step process to accelerate our members


We inspire.

Inspiration can be the first step to an eventful journey. We want to show the many sides of entrepreneurship and inspire people to consider entrepreneurship as an alternative career path. To successfully do this we organize casual networking and speaker events such as START TALES. Stop by and get inspired, everyone is welcomed!


TALES is an unique panel discussion concept that we created to deliver a diverse message of different angles of entrepreneurship. The purpose of this event is to demonstrate all the possibilities entrepreneurship can facilitate.


We educate.

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey can be the most rewarding but most challenging experience. One of our main focuses within START Helsinki is to provide our members with the most comprehensive and advanced learning programs for students. One of our educational events is START Standout. 


STANDOUT is an interactive workshop concept with an educational and rewarding purpose. The workshop utilizes the know-how of students to solve challenges startups are facing. The program is designed to exercise critical thinking and complex problem solving. As the name suggests, by standing out you can land a recruitment at an innovative high profile startup or scaleup.

Companies that we have worked with:

and many more...


We connect.

Our extensive local and international programs, that we call EXPLORE programs, is our most prestigious offering to our members. Since START Helsinki is well positioned among the top organizations in the global entrepreneurship ecosystem, we provide the best opportunities for our members to meet the right people and actors to get the most exclusive internships at high impact companies or access to the key players in the global ecosystem to boost their startups. 


Two years in a row, a total of 40 international top talents from the world's best educational institutions have traveled to Helsinki to participate in a program organized by START Helsinki. The program has consisted of workshops, networking, two-day visit to SLUSH, and of course an introduction to Finnish culture. These sessions have established new bridges, and sparked the beginning of many new initiatives. 


For two years in a row members from START Helsinki has traveled to St. Gallen, Switzerland, to participate in the main event of the START Network, the START Summit conference. The week-long visit has consisted of various exclusive events such as internal workshops, corporate workshops for example with the CEO of Sennheiser, and presentations by University of St. Gallen.

EXPLORE Silicon Valley

In 2019, START Helsinki piloted in collaboration with BASES the EXPLORE program at Silicon Valley. The participants of the program were able to attend some classes at Stanford University, a workshop organized by Stanford Technology Ventures Program, and a conference organized by Princeton Entrepreneurship Council. This program initiated a close and valuable collaboration between BASES and START Helsinki.

At START we facilitate new friendships and adventures. To maintain them, the journey continues after the time as START Members by becoming START Alumnis.