Slush around the corner

Hello everyone!

Slush is just around the corner and to get the full experience out of it, we recommended that you plan your stay in Helsinki. Here are some useful links to with information about Slush and Helsinki.

First things first, the Slush agenda can be accessed from here: From this link you can see when and where you want to be during Slush.

Slush brings around 20 000 attendees to Helsinki during these upcoming days. This means that the city will be buzzing with likeminded people. Luckily there are tons of Slush side events to attend. From this link you can easily see when and where the side events are:

Lastly, we also need a guide to the city itself. From here:, you can find what to see & do, eat & drink, sleep, saunas, transport information etc. a very useful link when you want to explore our beautiful city.

Can’t wait for next week! Prepare yourself for some active couple of days. As from START Helsinki, you can expect to see a lot on activity from our social media accounts so stay tuned

Oh, and did you notice we did a small re-work on our webpage? We also added a page with exciting open positions.

I hope you all have a great week



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