The Board

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

This is the board. The board consists of five Hanken students. So, what do we do? While HankenES fosters entrepreneurial thinking within Hanken and Finland, START Helsinki helps with connecting internationally through the START Global network. We will stay very close with HankenES during this fall and we are organizing a handful of events together with HankenES. START Helsinki's main event will be held during SLUSH where we will invite key people from the START network to join us in Helsinki. If you feel like getting to know any of us, don’t hesitate to walk up to us at Hanken or shoot us a message on social media. All of us are eager to discuss interesting ideas or why not just to get to know you.

From left to right: Axel, Victor, Jakob, Daniel, and Mathias


Our network manager, Axel, is responsible for establishing and maintaining partnerships. He is also responsible for the alumni network as well as the contact of our members.


Victor is the event manager and hence he is responsible for planning and executing START Helsinki’s events.


Jakob is the president of START Helsinki. He is the connection to the Global organizations and creates the strategy for the year. He supports all functions of START Helsinki.


As social media manager Daniel manages and plans the social media reach, which is now mainly on Facebook. As well as managing the Facebook page, Daniel also takes care of our webpage, and the blog.


Our financial manager manages all financial affairs which includes: Raising financial funds for the organization and creating and managing the budget.


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