START Summit St. Gallen 2019

The START Summit in St.Gallen - we had been looking forward to it since we booked our tickets. Now in hindsight, let me just say that everything lived up to the expectations.

We all had early flights on Wednesday and arrived in St. Gallen at noon where we were greeted by Henrik Wesemann, Research Associate and PhD Candidate at University of St. Gallen, who showed us HSG’s new co-working space while telling us what he does and what it is like to work at such a great university. In the evening we celebrated a successful first day by having dinner with all of START Helsinki.

Thursday was the first day of the Summit. It started of with great speeches from Deborah Grace Dörig (President START Global) and Sophie Bree (Managing Director START Summit). After that we explored the area for the rest of the day and met awesome people overall. We finished the day with the official pub crawl for START, where we got to meet everyone in the whole START network.

On Friday the summit continued in the same manner as earlier. You really couldn’t get enough of the atmosphere. It was full of great energy from successful and up-and-coming entrepreneurs and students. We had inspiring workshops with amazing people and you really couldn’t get enough. After 2 hectic days it was time for the after party and just like the summit it delivered.

As you can see it was an amazing couple of days and we at START Helsinki want to give a big thanks to START Global. Thanks to Debbie and Sophie for organizing everything, thanks to Cyrill for being our go-to-guy, thanks to Henrik Wesemann for the warm welcome, thanks to Hanken for making all this possible and in the risk of missing someone out, thanks to everyone involved.

To summarize it all the trip was a huge success and the summit will be one to look out for in the coming years as I can only see it going one way and that is up.

-Jonathan Eriksson, Head of Marketing and Excursions


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