START Helsinki visits SLUSH Singapore

Last week was extraordinary. I was part of a delegation of students, startups, professors and other key people who visited Singapore. To our delegation included support-organizations as well from the startup ecosystem: START Helsinki, HankenES and Hanken Business Lab. The trip culminated with the Slush Singapore event.

Like Daniel wrote earlier this week, Slush is a world-leading startup event run by students. The large event has expanded from Helsinki to Tokyo, Shanghai and Singapore. Slush Singapore's venue consisted of two large halls. These halls were filled with startup booths, different stages and buzzy people. For someone that has visited Slush in Helsinki, this event was similar in the details but on a smaller scale.

One of the main reflections from this trip is the value of unplanned meetings with different people, which is typical for the events in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Even if you plan for something to happen during Slush, you might end up with a totally different outcome but probably better. Why this happens is complex as everything is, but one of the main reasons is the fact that people excited about entrepreneurship get together.

Another beautiful fact about Slush is the people behind the organization. The event is student made and I've never met a rude Slush organizer. The organizers excitement is very infectious!

Thank you to the Slush Singapore crew who made the event possible! We had a nice trip over there. Next up is the Slush main event in Helsinki 4-5.12. START Helsinki looks forward hosting a super delegation from around the world to this event.



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