START Helsinki is back!

The START Helsinki-team is back after a relaxing, yet activity-filled summer with a lot of preparations for the upcoming year! However, since START Helsinki is quite a new organization in the Finnish entrepreneurial ecosystem, we figured that some of you might wonder what START Helsinki is or what we do. Read Mathias’ answers below to find out more about us!

1. In a nutshell, what is START Helsinki and the main aim of the initiative?

- START Helsinki is a student network for all students in Helsinki. We aim to locally unite ambitious, globally-oriented and entrepreneurially-minded students, to connect them internationally with like-minded people, and to provide them the best access to the global entrepreneurship ecosystem. By doing so we can enable personal growth to create the global leaders of tomorrow.

This is made possible since START Helsinki is a part of a large international student network, called START Global, which has chapters in the main entrepreneurial hubs of Europe. Additionally, START Helsinki is working in collaboration with some of the most prestigious entrepreneurship societies in the US, such as BASES from Stanford University.

2. What would you say is your main role as the President of the Helsinki chapter?

- Since START Helsinki is a student driven non-profit organization, I believe my main role is to identify what motivates the people that drive the organization and how their ambitions can be fulfilled. If I succeed with this, the bold goals that we’ve set for this year will be easily achieved.

3. Which events are taking place in the network during the upcoming fall and the spring of 2020?

- The philosophy behind the programs we offer revolves around inspiring, educating, and connecting. We aim to inspire and encourage people into considering entrepreneurship as a career option at smaller events or through our unique panel discussion concept START Tales which will return in the spring. We aim to educate and accelerate learning for students through challenging workshops co-organized with the most exciting startups and scaleups.

Finally, we connect students with key individuals of the global entrepreneurial ecosystem and leaders of top startups with our three main programs; Slush Week Program, START Summit Program in St. Gallen, and the BASES Program in Stanford. These are designed for the most ambitious students; hence, they are exclusive to team members of START Helsinki.

The highlight of the fall is going to be the Slush Week Program, which is a four-day long program when we host a large international delegation of students from various top schools. This program consists of various workshops and the full experience of Slush.

Mathias Granberg, President of the START Helsinki-chapter

4. What are you most excited about for this upcoming year?

- It’s really difficult to choose one since there’s so many exciting things happening within the organization now and so many inspiring events ahead. If I must choose one, then I’ll probably go with the Slush Week Program since it was a huge highlight last year and this year it’s going to be even bigger and better.

And since we are also looking for new members to all of our teams, the last question is;

5. Why would you recommend fellow students to apply to the teams?

- Becoming a member of the teams is a great opportunity to accelerate learning and develop a skillset in various fields of interest. Also, by contributing as an active part of the organization opens the door to the global entrepreneurship ecosystem at our member-exclusive programs. Additionally, I believe that contributing at an impactful non-profit can be of great benefit in the future for anyone regardless of what career path one chooses.

That being said, we are happy to tell you that the application to the different teams has begun! We are looking for team members to all of our teams, which include; events, marketing, finance and partnerships. We hope this short interview shed some light on what we do and if you feel like this could be something for you – do not hesitate to apply.

P.S. We look forward to meeting you at our kick off-event as well – stay tuned for more details by following us on Facebook & Instagram!

Have a great week,

- Daniela


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