START Global x Stanford (BASES)

Only two and a half weeks after an awesome START Summit conference in St. Gallen, the team from START Helsinki (together with members of START Munich, START Nuremberg, and START Barcelona) were ready for another amazing journey. Last week Jakob, Axel and I traveled to San Francisco for a week. The purpose of the trip was to visit our other very important partner organization which is BASES (Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students), who operate from Stanford University. So here is a not so short recap of the most important things we did during the week.

On Monday we arrived at Palo Alto after a very long and tiring flight. Regardless of this we decided to go for after-work drinks and meet up with the previous Co-President of BASES (who visited us in Helsinki during our SLUSH side event), and the new Co-President of BASES. This catch up was a good start to our trip. During the second day of the excursion we headed to the gorgeous Stanford University campus. First, we got an interesting tour of the university campus which also explained the rich history behind it. After that we met up with the other Co-President who introduced us to some other members of BASES. The rest of the day consisted of participating to various classes at Stanford University which were very interesting. The day ended with a fantastic dinner with the members of BASES.

Day three started with a visit to Nordic Innovation House, which is an institution that has one location in Silicon Valley that help Nordic companies to expand into the US market. The day continued with many classes at the University. The day ended with a very insightful workshop about career opportunities and self-development which was organized by STVP (Stanford Technology Ventures Program).

On day four we headed early in the morning to Google’s offices to attend the first day of the Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference which was organized by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council. We were very warmly welcomed by the people from Princeton and established valuable connections. This day was filled with panel discussions about topics such as capital fundraising, social impact entrepreneurship, ed tech, and a showcase of some very successful Princeton startups. We also enjoyed a fantastic speech about business ethics by Princeton lecturer David Miller.

The second day of the conference consisted of two parts. First, we headed early to central San Francisco to Gap’s headquarters, where we listened to a speech by tech billionaire Tom Siebel and many panel discussions about topics such as opportunities in the automotive and transportation industry, and startup experiences. The second part continued at Salesforce Tower East where we enjoyed a networking event and arts party.

On our last day in San Francisco we went to the final day of the Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference. This day consisted of intense and insightful workshops about capital fundraising, high-performance team building, and arts entrepreneurship. Not long after this we were heading back home to Helsinki.

If you read this far, you might understand that it was a very intense week in terms of program. However, I can’t emphasize enough how much we learned and how many interesting people we met and connected with during this week. Also, we are happy to have established a stronger relationship with the people from BASES and hope our future collaboration can provide this value to many others. START Helsinki wants to give a huge thanks to all of BASES for making this opportunity happen, a thanks to all the very friendly Princeton alumni’s that we met during the conference, and a thanks to START Munich, START Nuremberg, and START Barcelona, for being a part of this excursion. To summarize this, I firmly believe great things will grow out from this collaboration.

-Mathias Granberg, Financial Manager


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