SLUSH Shenanigans

I hope everyone is good!

It has been an eventful week behind. As you may know Slush was on 4-5th of December and START Helsinki hosted a delegation of about 20 people from the other START chapters around Europe. We had the privilege to meet the presidents and board members from START Global, START Munich, START, Berlin, START Nuremberg, START Warsaw, START Vaduz, START, START Lausanne and the co-president from Stanford entrepreneurship society, BASES.

The first guests arrived on Sunday the 2nd. We took them eating and to the very popular Green Hippo Café in Helsinki and then to Löyly, a public sauna. The rest of the delegation arrived the next day. We had reserved Hankens business lab as accommodation for our guests. There they could sleep, eat and or just kick back for a while during their stay. On Monday evening we had two events at the business lab. First there was the Nordic impact week 2019 launch followed by a pitching competition hosted by Eureka. We continued by going out for pizzas, but the evening wasn’t ending yet. There was also the Slush opening party at the old student house. We went to bed early since we had a lot on our schedule the next day.

The whole squad

Tuesday morning started of with breakfast and other morning rituals. Big shout out to our sponsors Paulig, Fazer, Nokian Panimo and Entocube for providing us with snacks and drinks. The first guests left for SLUSH around 10 o’clock. We had no trouble coming and going to Slush thanks to our generous sponsor Sports Car Center who provided us with awesome cars. We spent the whole day on Tuesday at Slush. Luckily, we had some time off before our evening events. Our evening started off with a casual spirited START workshop where we discussed START networks future. It was a very rewarding discussion and it felt like we connected more as a network. As an end program we had organized a sitz or a traditional Finnish student party containing food, drinks and a lot of singing.

From the left: Range Rover Sport, Jaguar F-Pace, Jaguar XF Sportbrake

Slush continued on Wednesday. During the day we spent most of the day on the venue. On the evening everyone had some time off to rest. We continued our discussion regarding START’s future from Tuesday evening before heading out to SLUSH afterparty.

There were many interesting speakers, pitchers and startups during SLUSH. The afterparty was also a huge success and everyone had a great time during this eventful week. On Thursday we all just kicked back and most of the guest left for home. It felt lite meeting the other chapters was important since it strengthened the connection between the different chapters. But other than that, it was also wonderful to meet all these amazing people. I am happy to be part of START network.

I hope you have a great week



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