Monday meeting

A lot is going on here at our headquarters, Hanken’s Business Lab. Things are falling into place and our plans are little by little taking shape. Feels weird thinking that just a couple months ago START Helsinki was just an idea. Last week we organized a closed event for our members (psst! You can become a member by joining our mailing list 😉). The evening was successful, and it was nice to see that there is some interest among our members to become actively involved in our operation.

cozy :)
Pre member's night

Every Monday begins with a board meeting at 9 am. It really is a great way to START the week. During our Monday meetings we plan the upcoming week, set goals for the week and decides what needs to be done until next week’s meeting. The meetings give a clear structure for the upcoming week.

Our biggest event this fall will be START Helsinki X Slush. As you can tell from the name, the event will take place during Slush. We are inviting people from the other START chapters. During these couple of days, we will acquaint our guests with the Finnish start-up ecosystem, Slush and of course with our Finnish culture.

Still a long way to go until our main event. But time flies, right? I will keep you updated with blogposts until then. Remember to check out Fb-page and follow our Instagram for more updates.

Have a great week everyone!



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