Kuohu the creative Hackathon

Last weekend I attended Kuohu the creative hackathon, organized by Luova Aalto. Kuohu is not an ordinary hackathon. We didn’t crack any codes there but instead used our creativity to solve the problem.

(Luova Aalto is a community that brings creative people together. They organize different events, workshops and excursions, anything that has something to do with creativity.)

I have never attended a Hackathon before, so I was super excited when I heard our team was picked for the Hackathon. The team consisted of me and two of my friends from Hanken. There were three cases to solve and five teams for each case and each team consisted of 3 people. The three cases were sponsored by Fazer, Paulig and Unilver. We were assigned to the case of Unilever. Our task was to re-brand and plan a re-launch for one of their ice cream products. The hackathon started on Friday evening where we met the organizers and mentors. We were divided into each case and then we got a briefing about what the case was all about. Afterwards we still had a couple of hours to start planning our solution. The hackathon continued until Saturday morning and lasted all day.

My awesome teammates Rosalie and Mikaela

I can’t member when was the last time, I had been this creative. I feel like we created a lot during the time our team was pondering on the solution for this case. The time went by fast, it felt like we ran out of time even though we had about 12 hours to solve the case. After a long day of being creative and presenting the cases it was time for announcing the winners. It was super fun even though we didn’t win. I can highly recommend attending these kinds of events. You get to stimulate your brain, meet awesome people and mostly, have a lot of fun!

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I hope everyone has a great week 😊



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