Unicorn Night

November 30, 2021

The event will be organized in conjunction to Slush and will include key participants from the Nordics, Europe and beyond. The event will be opened by the founder of Slush, Peter Vesterbacka, and followed up with relevant ecosystem experiences, research and companies. Panelists will also include Juhani Mykkänen (Wolt's Co-Founder), Taavet Hinrikus (Wise's CEO & Co-Founder) and other ecosystem players. The event itself is a part of Venture Capital for Impact research and innovation project financed by the Finnish Ministry of Education. Participants will include key ecosystem builders including international students, researchers, companies and investors from Finland, Nordics, Central Europe, Asia, Africa and Silicon Valley. The event will be organized together by City of Helsinki, Hanken Business Lab, Finest Bay Area, HankenES and START Helsinki.‍ The aim of the unicorn night is to bring together cutting edge research, companies and public actors with regards to the unicorn phenomena. Key topics will involve the development of the ecosystem, as well as the identification and growth of unicorn companies.


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