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The event welcomed students from all schools and universities across Finland and featured inspiring speakers, including Anna Brchisky and Mari Luukkainen.

Anna Brchisky, CEO and founder of Bamla, a boutique PR and communications agency that works with growth-minded companies. Bamla's clients include fast-growing tech startups and early-stage investors. In addition, Anna serves as an advisor for the Finnish Startup Community, which advocates for startup-friendly policies in Finland, and for the Startup Foundation, which owns community-driven entities such as Slush, Maria 01, The Shortcut, and Junction. Anna shared her expertise and insights on the Helsinki startup ecosystem.

Mari Luukkainen, Principal at, a €140 million venture capital fund with a portfolio of 100+ early-stage startups, was also a speaker. Mari is an advisor at Truly Agency, a €1 million ARR growth hacking agency, and the founder of Herizon, a non-profit that trains immigrant women in growth hacking with a 94% full-time hire rate. Mari's knowledge and experience in early-stage startups, coaching, and content production, combined with her keynotes, provided valuable insights about the Helsinki ecosystem.

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