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During the Fuse program, participants had the opportunity to visit several innovative startups in Helsinki and learn about their unique business models and strategies.

One of the companies that the group visited was Veri, a mobile app that helps users improve their metabolic health by providing personalized recommendations on nutrition and lifestyle habits. Veri uses a wearable glucose sensor to gather data and provides users with actionable insights. The company has already raised a €7.5 million Series A from top investors in the industry.

Another startup that the group visited was Mobal, a platform that helps businesses manage their online presence through business listings. The company's CEO, Jakob Wikström, spoke with the group about the founding story and their go-to-market strategy. Mobal recently raised a €2 million seed round from Lifeline Ventures.

The Fuse participants also had the opportunity to visit Meru Health, a pioneer in the fourth wave of mental healthcare. The company's approach combines human support, biofeedback, and digital tools to expand access to mental healthcare while delivering superior clinical outcomes. Meru Health recently raised a $38 million Series B round led by Industry Ventures and Bold Capital Partners, with participation from Foundry Group, Freestyle VC, FMZ Ventures, and Leksell Social Ventures. J.P. Morgan funded the $8 million debt portion of the round.

The visits were organized in collaboration with Lifeline Ventures, one of Finland's leading early-stage venture capital investors. Lifeline has invested in a number of successful startups, including Wolt (acquired by Doordash for €7 billion in 2022), Supercell (valued at €8.4 billion after Tencent took a majority stake in 2016), and Aiven (valued at $3 billion after raising a $210 million Series D in 2022).

Overall, the company visits were a valuable experience for the Fuse participants, providing them with insights into the latest trends in entrepreneurship and innovation in Helsinki's thriving startup ecosystem.

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