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Experience a traditional Finnish Sitz with students from all corners of the world.


The FUSE participants were given a rare opportunity to participate in a sitz, an integral part of Finnish student culture, which involves a sumptuous 3-course dinner, drinks, games, and a lot of singing.

Singing is a vital component of a sitz, and guests are typically provided with a booklet containing a collection of songs that will be sung throughout the evening. Everyone is encouraged to join in the singing, which often commences with a particular song, such as the famous "Helan Går." The songs are typically sung before the consumption of snaps. Also, each participating organization had the chance to sing a song of their choice, reflecting their personality. 

An interesting experience for the international students, Markus Wartiovaara, Director of Hanken Business Lab, and several professors also joined us, which is not a common occurrence for international students and a shock to many.

Another essential aspect of the sitz is signing each other's songbooks with personal messages, serving as a lasting reminder of this unique Finnish experience.

If you ever get the chance to experience a sitz. DO IT!

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